Best friends don't judge, correct you or defend others that have done you wrong. Here's a list that will show you whether you've found your best friend.

Are they really your best friend David Woolley


  • They don't candy coat things and tell you when your outfit just doesn't work, and you don't get mad (you may be disappointed, but you probably had your doubts about the outfit anyway)
  • You're comfortable hanging out without saying a word
  • If someone upsets you, they listen and most times agree verses defending the other person
  • You can burp or, you know, in front of them
  • You understand each others text, even when others are left saying "huh!"
  • You share each others stuff, what's mine is yours and yours is mine without getting all freaky about it
  • Money is never uncomfortable, you need it, they need it, you spot each other-end of story
  • You invite yourself over, usually just walk right in when you get there and they're cool

Friendships can be a dime a dozen, most people have many, but the true friend, the one that has your back no matter what, is your best friend. Even if they tell you in private that you're wrong, they will stand up for you in the moment. If you have someone in your life that makes you this comfortable, reach out to them now and tell them their hair looks like crap... just kidding, but they'd probably just say "I know, right!"