Fort Collins has long loved its breakfast. Currently 6 of the top 10 ranked Choice City restaurants on TripAdvisor specialize in breakfast foods. Some of these eateries have been around for a long long time. Here's a look at some of the oldest breakfast restaurants in Fort Collins and surrounding areas.

  1. Silver Grill Cafe, 218 Walnut Street, Since 1933
    This cafe reminds me of big city diners with the hustle and bustle and locals-type bar to sit at. Lots of you love their famous cinnamon rolls. I personally, love the weekend bloody mary bar. Tons of different mixes and add-ins to make your own.
  2. Rainbow Restaurant, 212 West Laurel Street, Since 1946
    An old house on Laurel where food is served a little healthier and with a lot more thought. Rainbow has been a consistent restaurant option for vegetarians and vegans, although they serve some tasty meat dishes as well.. I repeatedly order the Pesto Benedict, but that Avocado Smash is darn tempting.
  3. Ever Open Cafe, 1422 North College Avenue, Since 1953
    A review I read was titled "not fancy, delicious and nice staff." This is your classic greasy spoon diner and despite their name, they are open from 6am to 10pm. I have never eaten their, but rumors about their green chili are a reminder for me to stop soon.
  4. Charco Broiler, 1716 East Mulberry Street, Since 1957
    When I think of Charco Broiler I always think of the dark, spacious interior and the super friendly staff. This feels like a steakhouse of the past and a bit of a unknown to the majority of Fort Collins. This is a huge stack of buttermilk pancakes or biscuits and gravy kind of place, unless you like pie for breakfast, then get the pie.
  5. Avogadro's Number, 605 South Mason Street, Since 1971
    Another one of those homey, simple, healthier feeling places. They have several vegan and vegetarian options. My favorite is the Avocado Benedict, which includes a breaded and fried avocado, yum! When it's warm you can enjoy breakfast on their super quirky patio. One reviewer said "Don't let this funky gem pass you by!"
  6. Mountain Cafe, 226 West Mountain Avenue, Since 1974
    I'm wondering if this may be the smallest of the breakfast places in Fort Collins. Tiny tables and the last time I went, my order was written on an old fashion carbon guest check, you know, the green tablet. This is a basic American diner with a classic menu, no twist. One reviewer said "You won't find anything your grandparents didn't used to eat." I chuckled at the images on their website, a solid no thrills approach.
  7. Cafe Bluebird, 524 West Laurel Street, Since 1986
    One could easily drive by this place and never know it's there, other than the pretty blue awning outside. The restaurant occupies the west side of the Laurel Street Station building across from CSU. Known for consistent quality and good service and really good benedicts and chicken fried steak that a reviewer said they "drive from Colorado Springs for."

In close proximity to Fort Collins and definitely worth noting, Vern’s Place in LaPorte has served breakfast since 1946 and Johnson’s Corner(the truck stop) in Johnstown has since 1952. Both known for cinnamon rolls and a classic greasy spoon menu.

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