First, there was Fuzzy's, then Illegal Pete's. Now, another Tex-Mex restaurant is popping up on College Avenue in the new Foothills Mall.

Alexander Shalamov/ThinkStock
Alexander Shalamov/ThinkStock

Torchy's Taco's was founded in Austin, and originally was only within the state of Texas. According to the website, Torchy's started out as a failing taco trailer ten years ago, and found success through founder Michael Rypka's 'famous' salsa. (See the full [inspiring] story here.)

The taco chain has expanded to Oklahoma and recently Denver, and now one location will also call Fort Collins 'home,' too.

Looking at the menu, I am getting pretty excited about this addition to my I-haven't-grocery shopped-in-weeks list of options. The grand opening party will be on Monday, September 19, from 5 p.m. - 8 p.m., and word has it there will be free tacos, drinks and giveaways.

Official opening date is September 20.

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