Taylor Swift's highly anticipated "Style" music video is here. We repeat: TAYLOR SWIFT'S HIGHLY ANTICIPATED "STYLE" MUSIC VIDEO IS HERE. And it features a reference to Harry Styles! So basically all of the PopCrush editors are having severe meltdowns.

While T. Swift's music vid was supposed to premiere on Good Morning America this morning (Feb. 13), Much Music Canada got a little ahead of themselves last night and couldn't resist debuting the video instead. Oops!

Swifties, the "Style" vid -- which you can feast your eyes on above -- is everything we have ever wanted. It's super artsy and shot with a soft glow that is totally reminiscent of the '80s (a "style" choice undoubtedly done on purpose, of course). There is a super cute James Dean/Harry Styles-esque hottie in the video who literally takes off his shirt and then embraces Taylor in one of the vid's sexiest scenes. And then there is the paper airplane necklace that Taylor holds up at the beginning of the vid. We. Are. DONE.

Of course, the necklace -- which we assume is the actual one that Harry gifted Taylor -- is the same item of jewelry that she sings about in "Out of the Woods," the 1989 track that is quite possibly the biggest nod to the One Direction boybander. Every Swiftie, Directioner and Haylor shipper out there is well aware of the significance of the paper airplane necklace. So of course we were completely losing our minds.

Swifties, Directioners, Haylor shippers and everyone in between, check out Taylor Swift's "Style" music video above. You will not be disappointed.

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