Being famous comes with a price. More often than not, you think about how you might be hounded to take a selfie, get an autograph... Something harmless when you are out and about doing your everyday routine. But there is another more sinister part of being famous. Stalkers, weirdos and people that might want to do harm to you. Taylor Swift has had to endure one such thing from a Colorado man.

taylor swift groping lawsuit
Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

Authorites have said that a man by the name of Julius Sandrock, 38, of Broomfield, was arrested outside of Taylor Swift's home in Beverly Hills was wearing a mask, rubber gloves and was carrying a knife, rope and ammunition. Sandrock told police that he drove from Colorado out to her home to see Taylor Swift. Sandrock has a temporary restraining order that was requested by police. However, it is not clear as to if the restraining order pertains to Taylor Swift or another person. According to USA Today, Sandrock owns three handguns and is currently on probation for firing one of the weapons. He was arrested on suspicion of felony stalking.


Source: USA Today

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