Townsquare Media's 'Taste of Fort Collins' brings Spin Doctors to Old Town on Sunday night, June 7, 2020. Here's a handful of things to know about the band.

Three-day weekend passes are now on sale for Townsquare Media of Northern Colorado's event- the 24th Annual Taste of Fort Collins.  One of the headling bands that weekend will be Spin Doctors.

Let's take a look at five things you may not know about the band.


  • 1

    John Popper was in the band.

    John Popper, from Blues Traveler, was in the band (as a side project) when they started out in the late '80s.

  • 2

    Their first album sold 5 million copies.

    Pocket Full of Kryptonite came out in 1991 to mild receptions but ended up picking up plenty of steam, fueled by 'Little Miss Can't Be Wrong' and 'Two Princes.'

  • 3

    They helped kids learn about sharing on Sesame Street.

    Spin Doctors were on an episode of the PBS show and sang a modified version of 'Two Princes,' that emphasized the importance of sharing.

  • 4

    Expect an epic jam session.

    Spin Doctors have toured with Phish. If you know Phish, you know they jam on for 'hours.' Same goes for Spin Doctors; stay hydrated June 7 as you join in.

  • 5

    They've put out 8 albums.

    Though Pocket Full of Kryptonite will always be the band's biggest seller, they've released seven others:

    • Hombelly Groove
    • Turn It Upside Down
    • You've Got to Believe in Something
    • Here Comes the Bride
    • Nice Talking to Me
    • If the River Was Whiskey
    • Song From the Road (Live)


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