It's no secret that Coloradans are passionate about football — especially when it comes to hating the Kansas City Chiefs.

However, some Centennial State residents are so steadfast in their sports beliefs that they wouldn't date a fan of an opposing football team.

LOOK: How Broncos Fans Reacted to the Chiefs' AFC Championship Loss recently surveyed Denver Broncos fans to see which football supporters they would refuse to romance. Unsurprisingly, 16% of those surveyed said that being a Kansas City Chiefs fan is a dating deal-breaker.

The Chiefs aren't Coloradans' only turn-off, though. 14% of those surveyed said that dating a Green Bay Packers or a Minnesota Vikings fan is a no-go, while 12% of participants won't be taking any Cleveland Browns or Miami Dolphins fans out to dinner.

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These standards may seem harsh, but Centennial State residents are actually pretty chill compared to supporters of the Arizona Cardinals — 60% of Cardinals fans wouldn't dare to ask out anyone sporting the Atlanta Falcons' red and black.

Surprisingly, the most understanding football fans are supporters of the dreaded Chiefs, who had no qualms about dating fans of sports rivals. And, while Broncos fans may be anti-Chiefs, their team isn't the least dateable — that title belongs to Dallas Cowboys fans.

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If you're feeling bad for Dallas Cowboys fans, don't. 14% of their fans wouldn't date you because of your Broncos loyalty.

So, what can we take away from this?

You might want to keep your football preferences off of your dating profile. Or, hell, leave them up — it just might not help you ward off Chiefs fans.

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