It's one of the last things in the world we would think about: leaving a bottled water in the car could start a fire. I mean, it's water. Water refreshes us and it has been known to put out fires, not start them. But, when you add the science, it makes sense.

A battery technician with Idaho Power in Boise left his bottled water in the cab of his truck while he was taking a lunch. When he returned to the truck, he noticed some smoke. Dioni Amuchastegui told CBS News that he realized that the light was being refracted from a water bottle and was starting to catch the seat on fire. With permission from the company's safety director, they recreated the event and posted it on YouTube:

Just a heads up....we are expecting hot sunny days this week. Water is needed and necessary, but you might want to cover it up or tuck it under your seat if you leave it in your car.

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