When it comes to Colorado homes, you are more than likely to find the most luxurious and expensive in the city of Aspen. This city is a destination for celebrities and millionaires from all over the globe.

You'd expect nothing short of cutting-edge homes designed by some of the most prolific architects when it comes to housing in Aspen, Colorado. A newly listed 9,864 square foot mansion on Realtor is going for the asking price of $32.5 million. This home has everything you would expect and more with such a large price tag.

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Stunning $32 Million Aspen Home Has a Glass Cylinder Elevator

This $32.5 million Aspen mansion is one of the most impressive homes I have seen listed in Aspen.

The Aspen mansion named The Elements at Five Trees has a total of five suites, 10 bathrooms, 12 gas fireplaces, and 12 geothermal wells controlling the temperature of the home.  Amenities of grandeur include two separate wine rooms. One for red wine and the other for white wine. A home theater with stadium seating and fiber optic ceiling makes for an immersive experience when watching your favorite movie.

The Aspen mansion located at 865 Moore Drive is on a 2.29-acre lot that was built in 2020 has one highly unique feature, a glass cylinder elevator that takes residents and guests to every floor of the home. When you step off of the glass cylinder elevator on the lower level, you are welcome to play a game of pool or grab a drink at the home's built-in bar.

For those that are curious to know how much a monthly payment on a place like this would be, we have that information for you. According to Realtor's monthly payment guide, a 20 percent down payment of $6.5 million would result in an approximate monthly payment of $125,017. This monthly payment is based on a 30 fixed-rate mortgage with an interest rate of 3.10 percent and includes principal, interest, property tax, and home insurance.

To see the full listing of this $32.5 million Aspen mansion, you can visit the listing HERE.

Source: Realtor

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