The busy and popular burger bar on the 9th Street Plaza will no longer be a STUFT, but it will have food and craft beer.

It seems out of the blue, but they've been working on this project for a while. STUFT Burger Bar in Greeley closed down as of Saturday, March 23, 2019, so that they can begin the transformation into a brewery and brewpub: Lonesome Buck Brewing Company.

Staffers will be working at the Fort Collins and Windsor STUFTs as the transformation transpires and they return back to Greeley. That's great- it wasn't one of those deals where everyone gets axed.

From their Facebook post about the change, they seem genuinely pumped about the new place as well as being saddened that STUFT has to close. They'd been looking for a place to start a brewery and keep STUFT open, but decided that the STUFT location was the perfect place for their new adventure. Lonesome Buck will have a diverse food menu (highlighted by a new smoker) and great craft beers.

One thing they'll be doing to the location is making the bar twice as big. Nice.

Lonesome Buck is scheduled to open later this spring.

Get more on their changes from Facebook HERE.

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