The 'Heebie Jeebies.' That's what I got when I got a look at this thing crawling around. I hope the prize is worth freaking me out. Take a look at this sucker.

So, a professor at CSU has held a contest for 11 years, looking for that year's biggest cat-faced spider. It's called that because it eats mice. Not really. It's called that because it has horns (yes, horns) that make it look like it has cat ears.

It's very similar to a 'barn spider.' Like the one from 'Charlotte's Web'.  So, that's fun.

Anyhow, this year's creepy-crawly winner is the biggest one to date, being 25% bigger than the previous record holder.

The kicker: The winning PERSON is a nine-year-old. Good for her. Raya Davis Thompson, from Lamar, Colorado, would like to introduce you to 'Princess Raya.'

Get more on the spider and the contest from CSU HERE.

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