As we prepare for what could be a large amount of snow this week, the City of Fort Collins is reminding residence about the rules regarding snow removal and reminding us to, adopt a neighbor to help out, when it snows. It's hard work and a lot of people can't get it done.

Fort Collins has a code requiring residents to keep their sidewalks adjacent to the street “free and clear of snow and ice” within 24 hours of accumulation. There is no minimum amount. Any accumulation could be considered a violation. This ordinance and expectation can be burdensome for the elderly and disabled in our community. If you have a neighbor for whom this is the case, please work with the other neighbors to share the load and keep the walks clear for that individual. If you are in need of help and are unable to find someone to assist you, please contact Neighborhood Services for an Adopt-a-Neighbor application and we will try to find a volunteer for you.


Here are a few tips to keep your sidewalk safe:
-Try to shovel before foot traffic hits your sidewalk
-Keep some ice-melt on hand for the stubborn spots
-If water pools on your walk and turns to ice, apply a substantial amount of sand or kitty litter. If water is pooling due to a drainage issue or ice build up in the gutter call the Streets Department at 970-221-6615
-If you are on a corner, be sure to clear the corner ramps
-Clearing the patch across the driveway is much easier before it has been packed down by a vehicle’s tires

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