This is what happened today in music history....

In 1966, The Beatles began their last North American tour together.  Before the show at the International Amphitheater in Chicago, John Lennon apologized for saying the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ.  London's "Catholic Herald" had called the original remark, quote, "arrogant . . . but probably true."

Today in 1991, Metallica release their fifth album, which is self-titled but commonly known as The Black Album. It goes to #1 in eight countries, including America, where it sells 16 million copies. (I used to play this album on 11!)

Woodstock 50 is officially cancelled but today in 1994, Woodstock 2 - officially "Woodstock '94" - begins in Saugerties, New York, with Sheryl Crow and Violent Femmes performing. The festival is a success, drawing a crowd of about 350,000.

Today in 1997, MTV debuts the Fleetwood Mac reunion concert The Dance, marking the first time the five had been on stage together since 1982.


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