We knew this would be too much diva for one reality competition show panel.

The cat fight between new 'American Idol' judges and divas Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj has gone too far, according to show host Ryan Seacrest, who didn't exactly have a ringside seat to the throwdown, but was close enough.

On his morning radio show, Seacrest addressed the spat that erupted, where Minaj lost her freakin' mind and screamed and cussed at Carey for interrupting her. We feel bad for poor Keith Urban having to sit in the middle of that mess. Thank god wigs didn't start flying. Seacrest said ( quotes courtesy of MTV):

"There was a very heated, intense argument towards the end of the day after a contestant did a little bit of a performance in the room," Seacrest said "Keith [Urban] was sitting there, Randy [Jackson] was sitting there. Of course, Nicki and Mariah both there. I was outside. I was outside with the contestant's family at the time. Both of these judges, as I have said before, come with different perspective. And, so, yeah, it was heated. It did go too far, to the point where the producers said with just a few more contestants left, 'Let's call it a day.' And, [they] called a 'wrap'. So, today [October 3] is a second day of auditions in Charlotte, with that panel. And when you look at what the producers and Fox put together for this season, both of them, all of them, the four of them are essential components to what makes up the entire sum of the panel and provides that different perspective and that interesting point of view."

What a diplomatic way to describe the drama, Ryan!

Seacrest admitted he does know if the dueling divas have spoken since their spat but would know more after today's auditions began.

In the widely circulated footage, Minaj reportedly barked, "I'm not f---ing putting up with her f---ing highness" while Carey bemoaned, "I can't see my kids, because you decided to act like a little crazy b----."

We're not sure how Minaj affected Carey's ability to see dem babies or why she would have any sort of domain over the set, but…

Carey's husband Nick Cannon also weighed in on the verbal bout, expressing his disappointment to Access Hollywood (quotes courtesy of Hollywood Life.)

"I feel like [the feud is] taking away what the quality of what ‘Idol’ is all about," he said, noting that the producers have focused the competition on the judges as opposed to the actual contestants.

"My wife is the strongest, classiest woman I know, so she signed up to help people accomplish their dreams – not the competition," Cannon said, intimating Carey got more than she bargained for. "I mean, I think there’s a lot of stuff that goes into it when it all plays out. I think the show is solely about a singing competition – to make it about something it’s not kind of chills the producers."

It's enough to make us yearn for the days of Steven Tyler's quirky quips and Jennifer Lopez's maternal warmth towards hopefuls.

A source close to the show told Hollywood Life that it's Minaj who is too big for her pink britches, not Carey. The insider revealed, "If you want to know who is a major diva it is Nicki Minaj. She is a major handful and a complete pain."

Our take? Slow your roll, Nicki. Mariah Carey is one of the most famous and most successful divas of all time. Comparatively, you're a new kid on the block. So ease up, simma down now and focus on the contestants, since the show is about them.

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