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You can find anything you want on Craigslist. Proof in point, someone posted an ad on Western Slope Craigslist looking for an "interim village idiot" for the town of Rifle, Colo.

We found this post on Reddit this morning, and couldn't stop laughing after we read it. The ad starts out explaining where Rifle is located in Colorado and that the "village idiot" position is only interim. The ad goes on with:

Duties include spreading inherently false conspiracy theories to people who don't care to hear them, bragging about your gun, and continually embarrassing yourself by proving how absolutely uneducated and immoral you are.

A high school diploma is preferred, but by no means required. I can't stress that enough. It’s not like you’re applying to be a member of US Congress.

Our ideal candidate will be well versed in ignoring science, facts, and repeatedly blaming people who are not even related with the problem. Familiarity with spreading falsehoods through Twitter, and adulation of failed leaders is a definite plus.

Length of the position will not exceed 2 years, but could be as early as next week. It really all depends when the full time idiot gets expelled from her current role.

Obviously, this ad is in reference to the town's recently-elected congresswoman Lauren Boebert.

Boebert, who's only been in office for a little over a week, is making headlines with her actions in Washington, D.C. She's been banned from Twitter (for a short time,) harrassed Capitol Police at the Capitol building, and is now being called a spectacle.

This most likely won't be the last time we hear about Lauren Boebert.

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