RETRO 102.5 gets your weekdays started out with the newest morning team to hit Northern Colorado: 'The Casey & Jojo Show.'

It's the beginning of something new and fun for RETRO 102.5, starting at 6 a.m. that day.

Tune in from 6 a.m. until 9 a.m. every workday, for a great team, talking about the things that YOU care about, while also bringing you the music and fun you need!

Each morning, Casey & Jojo will bring you great features:

  • Clock Radio Classic - Casey & Jojo look back at a great song that just doesn't get enough attention anymore. Analog fun.
  • Can't Beat Casey -  Test your knowledge with the most knowledgeable of the pair
  • The Audio Vault- Casey & Jojo bring you the sounds from around the world.
  • Laughter at 30 After - Casey & Jojo bring you clips of great stand-up comedians every day at 7:30.
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A Townsquare Media show, Casey & Jojo originate in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but are tight with Kama and me. We had a great 'meeting.'

Jojo has a great story about a trip he had back in the day where he was in Rocky National Park with friends and ran into a mama bear and her cubs; they quickly made their way out of the area. Also, be sure to ask him about his 'Wyoming' story, too.


What show do you recommend people check out/binge?

LAST CHANCE U: BASKETBALL -- It's about more than hoops, it's about young people finding their way despite tremendous hardship. I love it.

What are your favorite bands from the 80s?

There's so many, but Mr. Mister, The Hooters, New Order, The Cure, U2, The GoGos, and Tears for Fears are probably highest on my list.

What was your first car:

A 1976 Toyota Celica. It cost me $300, had a busted out back window, and for awhile, couldn't go in reverse. Luckily, it was a stick shift, so I'd just push it out of parking spots.

Casey is a loving mom whose daughter is attending college at Purdue University, studying genetic counseling. Casey's previous radio gig had her in Florida, but she wanted to be closer to her daughter, so she grabbed the opportunity to work in Grand Rapids.

Pop Quiz for Casey:

What show do you recommend people check out/binge?

I’m watching “Good Girls” right now. Dramedy.

What are your favorite bands from the 80s?

U2, The Cure, The Cars, Blondie, Van Halen & The Police.

First album: Queen’s Greatest Hits.

What was your first car:

A Geo Tracker. A car and a Jeep in one!

All of us at RETRO are looking forward to The Casey & Jojo Show joining our lineup- it's going to be FANTASTIC.


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