We asked our RETRO 102.5 listeners what they do with their shoes when they get home from listening to us at work. Here's what they had to say.

Gauging by the responses to our Facebook post, it's clear that MOST people do not wear shoes inside the house.

Kimberly Wilson. said that she DOES wear shoes because she has dogs that weigh over 200 pounds. Big dog paws on your foot without some sort of protection, would hurt indeed.

Kimberly was just one of the dozens of folks who chimed in on the matter: What do you when you get home - Shoes? Socks? Barefoot?

I'd have to say that most people like going barefoot. I don't like going barefoot, myself, maybe I agree with Robert Cornelius. who said he doesn't like walking on vinyl floors in bare feet.

A few folks, like Lisa Rodger Chaffey, like to wear flip flops. I can see that being an option, but I cannot wear flip flops. My feet don't understand them. Don't get me started.

Overall though, it depends on the weather. A majority of listeners said that if it's winter, they wear socks, and if it's warmer out, they go barefoot.

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