It's always neat when something old gets discovered when attempting to do something new to a property. Maybe this old sign will be as known as Fort Collins' Coke sign.

Dave Jensen, TSM

Along Cleveland in Downtown Loveland, they are doing some restoration/remodeling for a few new shops coming in between 5th and 4th Streets. In doing so, they revealed this old sign, a 'ghost sign' on the north side of the building.

It's apparently for a tuxedo shop that used to reside there. It's kind of hard to make out; I googled 'Sir Vus tuxedo shop Loveland, Colorado' and came up with bupkiss.  Yes, Google, I remember that Al's Formal Wear used to be on 4th, that doesn't help. me.

Hopefully, the Loveland Historical Society can track it down. With any luck, Downtown Loveland will have a cool ghost sign like Downtown Fort Collins does:

Todd Harding, TSM