Not only is Red Rocks Amphitheatre celebrating its 80th year, but now its also celebrating the fact that all the worlds' venues all come in behind it.

Billboard's Boxscore just released year-end data for 2021, including how venues ranked in terms of year-end gross dollars and attendance numbers; Red Rocks topped the chart for its capacity (5,001-10,000.) There are still a few ticketed events happening before the official end of the year, so the venue will definitely seal the deal.

Coming off of 2020's pandemic-halted run of shows, people were eager to get back to Colorado's beloved and legendary Red Rocks in 2021, where they held 233 ticketed events. Events included 134 concerts (according the Billboard Boxscore cutoff date,) Yoga on the Rocks, and Drive-In movie nights.

The venue saw nearly 997,000 fans and brought in over $60 million. I, myself, attended one of the Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats shows over the summer. It was, of course, awesome.

Dave Jensen - Red Rocks
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From Red Rock Amphitheatre Director Ted Bowman:

A Red Rocks season like this is a tribute to dedicated artists, promoters, staff and fans.... Red Rocks is a special place, and every person who steps on stage, serves a drink, greets a customer, or buys a ticket owns a piece of this success.


Other Colorado Venues/Concerts Ranking High in 2021

  • The Eagles two shows at Ball Arena (Sept 16, 18) ranked at #20/25 for top shows in 2021, grossing $5.9 million in front of 24,600 fans those two nights.
  • Fiddler's Green ranked at #14 for its capacity (15,000 or More) with 13 shows, 11.2 million, and 163,660 fans.
  • Mission Ballroom ranked at #5 in its category (5,000 or Fewer) with 47 shows, $7.7 million, and 170,000 fans.

Check out more of the Billboard Boxscore year-end numbers HERE.


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