Over the past few years, the trend of banning plastic straws has swept across the country. From restaurants and bars, to major corporations and even entire states, so many people are getting behind the idea of making our world less polluted by cutting out destructive items from their lives.

Here in northern Colorado, we've seen some efforts of local establishments aiming to be more environmentally-friendly. Near the end of 2017, I talked with Daniel, who's family has managed and owned Rainbow Restaurant for the past 42 years, about what they were specifically doing at the time, to help the earth. It was then that he told me about how Rainbow actually pays their employees who ride bikes to work, and that they were also getting ready to do-away with plastic straws - which they have now done. On top of participating in both of these practices, Rainbow recently announced via social media that, to be even more environmentally conscious, the restaurant will no longer automatically bring water to tables, unless it's requested.

With a goal of lessening their impact on the environment, while still providing nourishment and happiness when dining at Rainbow Restaurant, it's safe to say the local eatery is doing a great job at both. After making just this small change, the restaurant saved over 3 gallons of water in the first 2.5 hours alone. At that rate, Rainbow could help save over 2,000 gallons of water a year! Their efforts just go to show that local businesses can easily make small changes that have huge impacts on the planet.

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