Recent studies show that dogs are born to be man's companions. Other studies show that though bats have their benefits, they are the worst.

I remember the City of Fort Collins putting out a survey of what citizens' opinions were of bats. I remember saying, 'Flying rodents? Can't stand them.' I like to think that mine is an overall general opinion, especially when it comes to them spreading rabies.

The Coloradoan reports that a bat in LaPorte was found to have rabies, and this bat came in contact with a dog (because dogs are wonderfully curious, like a 2-year-old child.) Luckily, this dog has diligent humans and was properly vaccinated.

The Laimer County Health Department urges everyone with a dog to make sure the dogs' rabies vaccinations are up-to-date, as a dog getting rabies can be costly and, worst-case-scenario, horrible if the dog has to be put down.

There is a map that tracks rabies cases in Larimer County, which shows that there have been three animals found with rabies now this season. This is the first bat; two skunks were found in the south/southwestern portion of Loveland. You can bookmark that map HERE.

Rabies vaccinations for dogs generally run about $15. Well worth the cost, when it comes to the possible outcome of not having them.

Get more on this bat in LaPorte from The Coloradoan HERE.

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