Brian May, Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert are coming to Denver to rock the house at Ball Arena. Adam Lambert has been fronting the band since 2011-it looks like this is going to work out; we should all see this show.

You love all these songs, and these musicians all sound fantastic, so why not get set to see them in Denver, Colorado at Ball Arena? Maybe you finally watched "Bohemian Rhapsody" and have a whole new respect for Freddie Mercury, Queen, and the band's legacy. If so, you should celebrate that, at this show.

Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado
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Queen and Adam Lambert have been touring heavily the last couple of years, coming out of the pandemic with gusto. With each re-start of the tour, the band ups the ante on how it's going to look and sound; this Denver show will have seen the band honing this North American tour for 11 of the 14 set dates that begin in October.


From the band's website about the upcoming tour:

Having extensively toured over the last few years, the Rhapsody show is forever evolving. But it remains at heart a tribute to Freddie Mercury’s majestic legacy, a confirmation of Brian and Roger’s undimmed musical prowess, plus a magnificent showcase for Adam’s vocal skills and electrifying stage charisma, all of which adds up to a glorious full-blooded celebration of one of the greatest songbooks in rock history.

That, right there, should put anybody in the mode to "rock" at Ball Arena when they come to town. Maybe their promotional video will help:


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