A one-year-old dog has survived after being trapped under a car bumper during a 125 mile drive.

The puppy wasn't discovered by the man who hit him until 2 hours after the incident - which he says he didn't realize what had happened. Immediately upon finding the trapped puppy in the town of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, he rushed it to the local SPCA.

"She had a lot of head trauma. There was a lot of swelling in her head and the blood vessels in her eyes were all burst. She was in pretty rough shape," said Shelley Cunningham, president of Litters 'n Critters dog rescue in Nova Scotia. "But amazingly and miraculously, there's not one broken bone in that dog's body. ... I call her a lean, mean healing machine because she's doing so well."

The puppy, named Miracle, did not appear to have suffered any neurological damage.

Miracle was adopted by Terri Buckland, who says the puppy has been gentle, accepting, and sweet since the incident.

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