A new sports bar is coming to 25/34 in Johnstown, and that's great. There IS one thing you need to know before you go, though.

Everybody loves a great place to hang out and watch the big games. Whether it's basketball, football, soccer.  Get ready because a new place to hang out is slowly getting built at I-25 and Highway in Johnstown.

It's Lazy Dog. Seems they've been working on it for six months, at least, but it Will be opening soon. They've had a location on Pearl Street for a long time in Boulder and they have another one in Eerie. So, this will be the third Lazy Dog Sports Bar & Grill.

The thing to keep in mind - this is NOT a Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar. Nope. See, here's the deal.  I went and ate at the Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar in Westminster, hoping to get an inside scoop on the new Lazy Dog coming to Johnstown. 'No, we're not those guys.' So much for my inside scoop.

Sure, there are only two of those Dogs in Colorado- the one in Westminster and one in Aurora, but the Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar has a LOT of locations across the country. So, I can see where you might have friends and family visiting this summer who want to go check out Scheel's and you tell them that there's a Lazy Dog near there, they MIGHT get their hopes up that it's like THEIR Lazy Dog- when, in reality- it is not.

Not to say that Lazy Dog Sports Bar & Grill isn't great. I hear nothing but great things about them, including their WIDE beer selection. I just want you to be up to speed on the TWO different dogs.

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