Fellow first responders, friends, and family are mourning the loss of a longtime paramedic with Platte Valley Ambulance Service.

According to a statement posted to the Platte Valley Ambulance Service Facebook page on Monday, Nov. 8, Mark Smith, a 14-year veteran with Platte Valley Ambulance Service passed away on Sunday (Nov. 7) following a tough battle with COVID-19.

Smith served as a Paramedic Battalion Chief of Platte Valley's ambulance department for 14 years and worked as a first responder for 30 years.

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Prior to joining the Platte Valley team, Mark Smith worked with REED Ambulance, Rural Metro Ambulance, and was also a dispatcher for Adams County Communications.

Part of the Nov. 8 statement reads: "Whether Mark was teaching, working on the ambulance, leading his team as the shift supervisor or any other countless tasks he would take on, he was always an inspiration and did what he could to put a smile on your face. Mark was known for his sarcastic humor and personality, always teasing and making the workplace fun. To all who knew him, he was kind, compassionate, caring, and an all-around hero."

"Being a part of the Platte family for as long as he has been, he has made countless friends and has touched many, many lives. His entire Platte family is grieving his loss, a loss that will be felt for a long time." 

Smith continues to receive tons of prayers and praise from coworkers, friends, family, and community members alike who have each highlighted - in one way or another - the massive impact Smith had on the lives of many.

As per the Platte Valley Ambulance Service Facebook page, information regarding memorial services for Smith will be provided once arrangements have been made.

Rest in peace.

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