Colorado has some unique smells. Some, like the smell of roasting chiles on a crisp fall afternoon, spring in the mountains, and the one-of-a-kind smell that the Colorado mountains bring are simply intoxicating. Roasted green chile is by far one of my most favorite smells of all time. If I could bottle it up and save it, I would in a heartbeat.

Matt Sparx

I can throw it way back to when Jolly Rancher had a factory in the Wheat Ridge-Arvada area. I went to school a couple of blocks away from this factory and watermelon candy was my favorite day. I also went to school in the heart of Golden. I'll tell you more about that unique smell later on.

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Here are a couple of places in Colorado that have unique smells:

Unique Smells of Colorado

There is an old saying "that's the smell of money". That saying rings true to all of these locations in Colorado. These unique smells help employ many Coloradans, assist in our great economy, and provide us with some consumables that can only be made here in Colorado.

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