We have mountains, LOTS of mountains.

One of the things I'm looking forward to doing this Spring and throughout Summer is attempting my first 14'er. Hopefully that will lead to me to conquer

I've only imagined what it would like to stand atop one of those looking across the Rocky Mountain range and taking it all in. Fortunately, I have found some recent inspiration on Instagram looking up the 10 tallest peaks.

It's incredible to see the joy on the face of likely exhausted hikers summitting the top of Colorado mountains.

14ers.com recognizes 53 total 14ers in the state of Colorado. Here's what it is like to summit the 10 tallest, something you can appreciate whether you are a hiker or not:

1. Mt. Elbert

14,433 feet, Sawatch Range


2. Mt. Massive

14,421 feet, Sawatch Range


3. Mt. Harvard

14,420 feet, Sawatch Range


4. Blanca Peak

14,345 feet, Sangre de Cristo


5. La Plata Peak

14,336 feet, Sawatch Range


6. Uncompahgre Peak

14,309 feet, San Juan Mountains


7. Crestone Peak

14,294 feet, Sangre de Cristo


8. Mt. Lincoln

14,286 feet, Mosquito Range


9. Grays Peak

14,270 feet, Front Range


10. Mt. Antero

14,269 feet, Sawatch Range

Are you ready to take on a 14er yet? To see all of your hard work turn into a joyous summit.

Here's a look at the easiest and hardest Colorado 14ers to take on.

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