The holiday season is well-known for its bringing out of ugly sweaters. Many consider it a challenge to have the most-ugly holiday sweater; some more than excel.

Foothills Mall in Fort Collins has nearly 20 of the ugliest ugly sweaters on display for the season; I went to take a look, and brought back photos of them. My phone was not damaged by taking the photos, but it did need therapy.

Foothills Christmas
TSM/Dave Jensen

I really had a good time heading over and into Foothills Mall to check out the "Ugly Sweater Hall of Fame" that they have on display; though It wasn't just about the sweaters.

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I enjoyed being there and seeing all the classic "mall' things happening. There were mall-walkers, there was art done by kids on the walls, there was one of those temporary "Calendar and toys" stores open. It all took me back to my youth and hanging out at Foothills Fashion Mall, back in the day. Though Foothills is new(er), the more things change, it seemed, the more they stay the same.


Foothills is hosting this "Ugly Sweater Hall of Fame" that comes to them from a sister-mall in Plano, Texas. Where Plano obtained the "Hall of Fame" is uncertain. This is the first time that the display has traveled out of Texas; perhaps it will travel to other malls/shopping areas throughout the years. Very neat that Fort Collins got to host it for its first stop.

Take a look at the "Ugly Sweater" collection that you'll find at Foothills this holiday season.

The "Ugly Sweater Hall of Fame" at Foothills Mall in Fort Collins

Some of the ugliest "ugly sweaters" were on display in Fort Collins for the 2022 holiday season with the "Ugly Sweater Hall of Fame."

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