If you've been reading any of Paul's blogs lately, you know that recently his wife had a baby boy named Huck and he's enjoying the early stages of fatherhood. 

Sarah Wozniak
Sarah Wozniak

Paul writes about the birth of his son in this blog:

It was shocking how minutes before he was born, I didn’t feel the same unbelievable pull of responsibility that I did after I laid eyes on him. Before he emerged, we were doing everything we could to have him out safely. Through that stage, there wouldn’t have been anything you could do to pull me from my wife’s side. After he was born, there wasn’t anything you could do to pull me from his side.

It's been a trying but amazing journey into new parenthood for Paul.  His wife, Sarah, felt like Paul needed to be appreciated for all that he did during her childbirth process and how wonderful he's been as a new dad.  In fact, Sarah submitted Paul as an entrant in our Best Dad Ever contest!

Unfortunately, since Paul works for the company, he was unable to participate as an entrant.  Sarah's description of him as a new dad was too cute not to publish, however, so we here at TRI 102.5 wanted to highlight her entry and wish a Happy Father's Day to Paul and all the other great dads out there in Colorado.

Here's Sarah's entry:

My husband has only officially been a dad for 4 weeks now but the love that he has poured over our infant son and the baby care savvy that he has displayed makes Paul Wozniak, the best dad in the entire universe. Even though our son, Huck, is still only an itty bitty baby, Paul talks to him with the love, respect and intensity that he would speak to anybody else. He loves to tote our little guy around in the baby carrier, he comes to all of our appointments (both mine and Huck's appointments due to the fact that I'm still recovering from a traumatic labor and c-section), he even figures out all of the baby gear first so that he can teach me how to use it. Paul is a deep, caring and sensitive man...this is why I married him. However, now that we have created this perfect yet often challenging little man, these beautiful qualities continue to deepen. There is nobody else that I wo uld rather raise our son with and I know that he's going to be an amazing father for years to come.

Thanks, Sarah, and congratulations to you and Paul on the new addition to your family!

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