The brand new, all electric Nissan Leaf is truly amazing. I drove it yesterday and was astonished by the way it operates, how fast it moves and the wonderful direction in which technology is moving.
Here are the highlights of my test drive.

  • Absolutely amazed by the technology. It feels like being in a spaceship, but retains the feel of a high quality car
  • Blown away by the power. No problem going 75, but more importantly, has REAL boost between 20 and 50 mph, which is great for merging, etc.
  • Heated seats, heated steering wheel, bluetooth makes it a complete package
  • Remote control from smartphone allowed me to turn on the climate control in the house at 4 am and have the car warmed up to 75 degrees when I went out into the cold morning.

    Stop by Ehrlich on 35th to see this vehicle anytime. They will gladly show it to you and are one of the only dealers in Northern Colorado that even has one. You can also visit their website here.