I've always been excited by the idea of electric cars.  Think about it: never buy gas again?  Yes please!  But I'd never actually been behind the wheel of an electric car before.  That is, until today...

As part of the Drive Electric Northern Colorado event going on this week, I got to head out to Dellenbach Chevrolet in Fort Collins, take some pictures, shoot some video...and drive an electric car for the first time!

In short, it was awesome.

First of all, I've always been a little wary of the rumor that electric cars don't have any power.  That myth was completely debunked for me today (two words: "sport mode")!

I was also completely floored to learn that electric cars don't need nearly as much maintenance as other vehicles.  I'm sure the fact that there's no transmission has a lot do do with that! :)

Check out the photos I took at the event!

How do you feel about electric cars?  Let me know in the comments!