Sure, Bon Jovi has gone and dissed us by canceling their (rescheduled) April 14, 2017, show, but that doesn't mean that the opening act is going to take it lying down!

It was great of Bon Jovi to offer the opening gig for their Pepsi Center show to a local band. It was even cooler when a Fort Collins band, Patti Fiasco was selected! Then, Bon Jovi canceled the show. Not... cool. People made plans to come to town for the show. Hotel rooms were booked. Now, that's all for not.

Not so fast, say Patti Fiasco!  They are STILL going to have a gig NEAR the Pepsi Center!  They've booked a gig, April 14, at Stoney's Bar & Grill, which is off of Speer and 11th!  So you can still have a great concert night in Denver that night!

Let's do it!

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