Because we've spent a majority of the last two months under Stay-at-Home orders and limiting our social interactions, couples who planned to tie the knot this spring are having to rearrange their ceremonies.

While weddings are typically attended by a number of friends and family, couples have opted to get creative, some holding 'live weddings' online, or postponing them completely. As for a CSU alumna and her husband, they chose to instead elope privately at place close to the bride's heart.

Sarah (a former KCSU radio DJ) and her husband, Matt, had their April wedding plans put off by the COVID-19 pandemic, so they decided to privately wed in one of Sarah's favorite places on her alma mater's campus, the CSU Oval. Her sister, Amanda, snapped pics for them, as the couple wore protective masks.

Though it likely wasn't the wedding they had planned, the two still appeared to have a beautiful, and memorable, ceremony, making the best of the situation we're all going through. Congrats, Sarah and Matt!

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