Mariann Evelyn Jeffery is a 92-year-old living in Detroit; she was adopted as an infant and assumed she had no biological siblings.

According to Detroit Free Press, that was what she thought until her kooky nephew, Robert Dumas, who has a a bit of an addiction, found  Jeffery's 19 siblings. His daughter, Alyssa Young, said “he is so crazy, in a good way, about"

Through and DNA testing, Dumas learned that his aunt, Jeffrey, had 19 siblings between her two parents, who had both been re- married twice.

Her parents were 15 and 18 when she was born, they went their separate ways and got busy making children.

After discovering all of this family history, Jeffery brought her new/old family together to celebrate. Each family member wore a different colored name tag, blue or red depending on the side of the family they came from.

Mariann’s half-brother, 75-year-old Robert Corwin, says he was amazed to discover that he had a sister.

“I haven’t been this emotional and surprised since my daughter was born,” he said. “This is truly amazing to find out after eons that you have a living sibling.”

I find it very sweet that all of these people came together as strangers who share DNA. I would be surprised if just one of my family members, whom I've known my whole life, turned up to a dang birthday party.

Congratulations to Mariann, who now gets to buy almost two dozen extra Christmas gifts.

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