The need for public transportation in Fort Collins has grown and grown over the last several years. Expansion of services is inevitable.

As of now, there is no transit center on the west side of Fort Collins. That will be changing.

The City of Fort Collins has received a $10.7 million RAISE grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation for the design and construction of what will be called the  Foothills Transit Center. It will be located at the intersection of Overland Trail and West Elizabeth Street. This will be a new connection point for current bus routes and will eventually tie into the future West Elizabeth Rapid Transit project.

There will be a roundabout added to the intersection of Overland and Elizabeth also. Yes, another roundabout. This will allow for a safer intersection for all forms of transportation.

All of these master planning projects have been in the works for some time, but as usual, they take forever to get approved and actually begin construction. The City of Fort Collins says the Foothills Transit Center project included a visit from the Federal Transit Administration way back in 2019. Yep, they've been working on this since before Covid. There are many more steps to come and construction is not expected to begin until 2025.

The total cost for the Foothills Transit Center, including the roundabout, is estimated to be $12.9 million.

Fort Collins is the fourth largest city in Colorado and the current population is around 180,000. We must adapt to the growth. Part of that is making sure mass transit is available.

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