The old sugar mill in Longmont caught fire on Sunday evening.

According to a news release, the Longmont Dispatch center received a 911 call at around 6:36 p.m. about a fire at abandoned sugar mill, where flames and smoke could be seen coming from a second story window on the south side of the mill. Soon after emergency crews arrived, a small part of the building near the fire collapsed.

Firefighters were quickly able to put out the fire and no injuries were reported.

Fire investigators were notified of the fire, but because of hazardous conditions at the sugar mill it's unclear whether further investigation will even be conducted, the Boulder County Sheriff's Office said.

The cause and nature of the fire are unknown at this time.

Since 1977, the sugar mill has remained abandoned and closed off to the public. Still, trespassers find a way to explore the eery building. Back in 2012, Boulder County Public Health issued a warning to high school kids to stay away from the building due to asbestos, unstable buildings, and other dangerous conditions by putting up a "stay out" sign at the property.

At the time, the BCSO told the Longmont Times-Call that kids like to go to the abandoned sugar mill to drink and party, while other trespassers go searching for copper and other valuable materials.

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