When the 2020 pro football season begins, the Raiders will be known as the Las Vegas Raiders playing in a dome in Sin City. They've announced the name of that stadium.

For many, just saying 'Oakland Raiders' can bring a smirk of disdain to a Broncos fan's face. 'OAKLAND!'  That's why I like to keep listeners informed on what they're up to.

As we know, they'll be moving to Las Vegas, playing in a domed stadium that cost nearly TWO BILLION dollars.  Money like that needs to be made up... Hence, naming rights to the stadium.

They just announced that the stadium will be Allegiant Stadium. To me, that somehow makes me dislike the Raiders even more since Allegiant Air no longer gets us from Loveland to Las Vegas. It's been nearly seven years, and I still carry a grudge.


[Source: NFL]

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