Fall in Northern Colorado doesn't just mean it's time for pumpkin everything in our food. It also means it's time to have some of the best apple pie in the region!

We asked our listeners this week to tell us who they thought had the best apple pie in the region! Everyone has their own preferences for this seasonal treat.

Some people liked it when it was packed with cinnamon.

Others liked it when it was made with a certain apple.

Either way, our listeners came out of the woodwork to place their vote. Here are the top five chosen by YOU!

You can still let us know your opinion by placing your vote below.


  • 1

    Fat Alberts - Greeley

    Never been to Fat Albert's in Greeley before? Well if you love apple pie, it seems like this is one of the (if not number one) best locations in Northern Colorado to get a slice. It's located at 1717 23rd Avenue. Plus if apple pie isn't your top choice, they have other flavors available of pie as well!

    Credit: Fat Alberts Facebook Page
  • 2

    Me Oh My Coffee and Pie - Laporte

    If you never have been to Me Oh My (like myself), it looks like a trip to Laporte to check out this hidden gem is a must this fall! Just looking at the pictures they have of pies on their website makes me hungry and get into the car right now! One reviewer on Google simply states, "Yummy Pies". I think that yummy has to get into my tummy!

    Credit: Google
  • 3

    Showboat's Drive By Pie - Granby

    Showboat's Drive By Pie may be in Granby, but from what I hear it is well worth the trip over Trail Ridge Road (before it closes for the season) or a family road trip through the mountains to get their delicious apple pie. Drive up...pay for your pie...and drive on. But their pie is so good, you may just want to have a fork handy so you can find a parking space and dive in as soon as you get it.

    Robyn Mackenzie
  • 4

    Robins Nest at House of Windsor - WIndsor

    Robins Nest at House of Windsor may still be considered the "new kid on the block", but that didn't stop them from getting votes as having the best apple pie in Northern Colorado. I'd suggest to definitely check them out if you have an apple pie (or any pie) craving. Their food is delicious!

    Credit: Google
  • 5

    Johnsons Corner - Johnstown

    Johnson's Corner is known for their HUGE cinnamon rolls, but according to listeners they should also be known for their delicious apple pie. Make sure you get yourself a slice the next time you are in and let us know what you think!