You’re going to be having some beer on Super Bowl Sunday, right? I’ve got your hookup for plenty of beer. Plenty of TASTY beer. Plenty of tasty beer… for CHEAP! Let’s do this!

High Hops Beer
Dave Jensen, TSM

‘What the what?’ Is exactly what I said when I saw this deal that the gang at High Hops in Windsor has going. Three six packs of their Blueberry Wheat beer, for the price of one. 3-for-1?  Good gravy.  I took advantage of it, and thought you might be interested as well!

18 cans of a great beer, for about $10.50. You’re saving about $20! This deal goes thru Super Bowl Sunday!  Friends! Beers! Football! YEAH!

High Hops must be making hand over fist, these days. When you head out there to take advantage of the deal, you’ll see they are in the midst of expanding. That costs money. And they're GIVING beer away with this deal. They must be swimming in money, as well as beer!

I really like that place. It has a great vibe, the people are great, and the beer is… tasty.  I don’t know if they’ll still have any of the Blueberry Wheat cans left when you go, it was flying out of the cooler when I got my three.

Good luck. Go, Football!

Watch how High Hops cans up their beer! Very cool!

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