Great. As if it wasn’t hard enough trying to protect your kids from themselves, along comes an app that helps them hide things from you. 

It’s in kids’ nature to hide stuff from their parents. It’s a part of their 'righst-of-passage', sure; and it’s the parents’ job to find what’s hidden.  It’s like a little game we play. Speaking of games, there’s an app out there that your kids may be using to hide things in broad daylight. Super.

This app looks like a calculator app. Look at your own phone and the icon for your calculator. This app looks a lot like that. Except—kids who have the app punch in their passcode, and voila- they are into a hidden folder on the phone.  Who knows what all a kid could store in that portable folder, but pictures is the first thing to come to mind.

Kids are kids- for the most part, they are totally innocent. However, if you give an inch… they’ll take a mile.  Be on the lookout for the ‘Calculator%’ app!

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