With the recent news of the names of 14 tenants who will be utilizing space at the brand new Foothills Mall in Fort Collins, the shopping center's future continues to take shape. With a Bass Pro Shop heading to Loveland along with many other businesses opening in Northern Colorado, all the shopping holes are covered. Right?

When looking at a list of businesses that are popular around America but don't have space in Northern Colorado, the list does include some heavy hitters:

Publix Grocery Store: Many residents who have moved to Northern Colorado from the Southeast know a Publix Grocery Store and the homemade subs they have. But are we already at our max of grocery stores in Northern Colorado? Publix is just behind Safeway in terms of the largest US retailers. Could they make an impact in the marketplace?

Dollar General: Dollar General already has locations in Greeley, Milliken, and Eaton. But could they open up a location in Fort Collins or Loveland and also be successful?

Apple Store: For us techie "geeks", we would love to have an Apple Store in Northern Colorado. Imagine being able to wait in line on Black Friday at an Apple Store that is only a few miles down the road?

Bahama Breeze: Want to sit outside in the Summer while sipping a margarita and listening to some tropical music? While Bahama Breeze sets up shop on the East Coast, rumors of a possible expansion have people wondering if the franchise could move out West.

What retailer or restaurant do you think we need in Northern Colorado? Let us know below!