It's the LARGEST roundabout within the Colorado highway system, so why not commemorate that with a little something extra?

CDOT has been working on Highway 1 between LaPorte and Fort Collins for about three years. Recently, though the project won't officially be finished until the end of 2018, they did start allowing traffic to pass through the new roundabout there.

It's the biggest roundabout along any highway in Colorado, at 228 feet. It's huge!

The CDOT Project Manager, Justin Pipe, came up with this idea that didn't increase the cost of the project. It's brilliant! Of course, Colorado's emblem would fit perfectly into the center of the roundabout!

Courtesy: CDOT
Courtesy: CDOT

They're calling it a 'late birthday present' for the Centennial State which celebrated its birthday on August 6.

This is just one part of the huge undertaking to make that stretch of highway better - for transportation and for the LaPorte and Fort Collins communities, in general.

You can find out more about the project HERE!

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