The little box from Noosa was one of the best deliveries we could've gotten mid-week in our offices in Windsor. The box was full of brand-new summer flavor releases from the yogurt company based out of Bellevue, which will be available to the public starting in June.

We got to not only check out the new flavors, but the new 4-oz serving size, perfect for popping into a lunchbox or slipping in your bag for breakfast at work.

New flavors include:

  • Key lime blended lil tub
  • Coffee blended lil tub
  • Mixed berry blended lil tub
  • Raspberry blended lil tub
  • Strawberry blended lil tub
  • Peach blended lil tub
  • Vanilla bean blended lil tub

My boss, who tried peach, just said "I want more" (he then went for the coffee flavor stashed in the fridge downstairs). I, personally, liked Mixed Berry the best-- it was sweet, smooth, and tart, perfect for an after-lunch snack.

Check out Noosa's website for more info on all of their new releases, and look out for these new flavors and serving sizes starting in June.

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