Getting a passport can definitely be a hassle. For five hours, on a Saturday, Larimer County is going to help you out, if you need one.

Taking time of from work to get your passport processed has be in the top 5 of worst reasons to take time off. Using up some of your Saturday can make the process less stressful.


Spread the word about this one, as it may come in very handy for someone you know, or their family or one of their other friends. If anyone is in need of getting a new passport, The Larimer County Clerk and Recorder Recording Department is ready to assist, even if you don't reside in Larimer County.

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Normally, you have to make an appointment within the week to get your passport processed, but wit this rare event, they're doing it on a Saturday. I think this is a great idea, though there may be many, many people wanting to take advantage of the "One-Day-Only" event.


Say you've been thinking about getting your passport, but setting up that appointment has sat on your "back burner" for a while; here's the opportunity to just go there and get it done. "Passport Day" however, is for new applicants, not passport renewals. Personally, I've lost the passport I was issued over 20 years ago, and they've let me know that I will be processing a "new" passport.

From Larimer County Clerk Angela Myers:

Making an appointment on a weekday can sometimes be challenging for working families... We’re hoping this extra Passport Day will ease that challenge just a bit.



  • Photos and Passport initiations.
  • Saturday, October 8, 2022.
  • 8 a.m. until 1 p.m.
  • 200 West Oak Fort Collins (Larimer County Clerk and Recording Department, 1st Floor.)


  • Check or Money Order for the cost of the processing due to the Department of State (Larimer County will take a money order, cash or credit card.)
  • A filled-out DS-11 form.
  • Original birth certificate.

Once your passport has been processed, it will go to the Department of State, which will then issue you your passport, in about 7-10 weeks (if you don't pay for 'expedited.) Larimer County has all the information you might need.

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