A new phone scam has hit a Northern Colorado town and local police are asking businesses to be vigilant if they receive one of the calls.

According to the Town of Estes Park Facebook page, the Estes Park Police Department has received reports of a new telephone scam in which callers falsely identify themselves as Estes Park High School students. The callers are hoping to sell businesses "advertising space" on programs for local sporting events as well as anti-drug and bullying campaigns.

The town says that the scammer emails the business a design for approval, and then requests credit card and personal information from the business via phone. The scammers advise that a credit card statement will indicate the charge from “Teen Spirit Advertising.”

They have also been known to use the business name “Rocky Mountain Media,” based out of Broomfield, CO.

Officials are saying that if you have been affected by this telephone scam, to please call the Estes Park Police Department at 970-586-4000. They say that if you have been contacted, to please obtain the name of the caller, the phone number from which the call came, and any other contact information the caller will provide.



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