New laws are in place for marijuana in Colorado as of today.

According to a press release by the Colorado Department of Revenue, Colorado will now offer "state licensing of hospitality establishments and the issuance of permits for residential delivery of medical marijuana."


What does that mean exactly?

  • Up until now, smoking or consuming any kind of pot at a dispensary, or anywhere other than your house, has been a big no-no. As of 2020, you can apply for a “Marijuana Hospitality Business” license (may be mobile), which allows you to consume marijuana on a licensed premises. This means that restaurants can get in on the action.
  • Next up is the “Retail Marijuana Hospitality and Sales Business” license (cannot be mobile) which allows you to smoke where you buy. It looks like marijuana will be giving the bar scene a run for its money.
  • "Regulated Marijuana Delivery" is a new permit that allows for the delivery of marijuana to private residences, but there's a catch, as this only applies to medical marijuana stores.
  • Last but not least, one year from today Uber Eats will be very busy because the delivery of marijuana to private residences from retail marijuana stores will go into effect.

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