Changes are on the horizon in 2017. Not only will we see some new politicians take office, but Colorado has new laws ready to take effect in 2017.

james steidl

The biggest change will be minimum wage. Colorado voters said "YAY" to an increase in the minimum wage. It will be a gradual increase to $12/hr in 2020. Beginning January 1st, the minimum wage will go from $8.31 to $9.30 an hour.

You've heard about the HOV +3 changes that will happen on I-25 and Highway 36. Starting on January 1st, you will need a driver plus two passengers to get a free ride in the HOV lane.

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New liquor laws will have grocery stores taking advantage. Currently, grocery stores can have one store full-strength beer and liquor. Starting in 2017, they will have the opportunity to add four more stores if they buyout current liquor stores nearby.

Some new restrictions will take effect regarding how many medical marijuana plants caregivers will be allowed to grow. The number will drop from 495 to 99 plants.

Voters passed the medical aid in dying bill in November. That means a mentally competent patient will need to have a six-month prognosis and have two doctors approve requests for life-ending medication. Once it is approved, the patient will then need to self-administer the medication.