With the weather getting nicer, finally, more and more folks will be out on their bikes. With that comes the chance of injury due to a car. They've raised the stakes.

You see it a LOT in the summer, when more people are out on the roads riding their bikes- someone gets hurt badly when a car runs into them.  Denver 7 has the story on how Governor Polis signed into law  SB19-175. The new law makes it class 1 traffic misdemeanor if a car strikes a cyclist causing serious injury. That doesn't sound like much on the surface, but it could mean the loss of your driver's license for one year.

Cyclists and motorists have always had a, let's call it 'difficult' relationship. Over the years we've seen extended bike lanes and the 'three feet' rule, yet horrible accidents still happen. Maybe this will help.

Get more on the new law from Denver 7 HERE.

Stay safe out there, EVERYBODY!

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