Over the next five years, Greeley is expected to be adding over 5,500 housing units; this 264-unit complex is a part of that plan.

The Greeley Tribune reports that by the beginning of 2021, there'll be a new apartment complex covering 10 acres in the area east of 10th Street Street and 71st Avenue.  The complex will be called 'Ten West.'

What does 'approachable luxury' mean? According to the Trib, the builder, Saunders Development, says that these apartments will be very nice but not terribly expensive. They won't be 'ultra high-end.'

Take that for what you will.

They'll have studios, one, two and three-bedroom options, along with the usual amenities. One that did stand out to me was the 'outdoor kitchen;' that sounds pretty neat.

Get more on 2021's Ten West from The Greeley Tribune HERE.

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