The 2023 Masters tournament was a big ratings success for professional golf. Brooks Koepka led the tournament for the first three rounds April 6th, 7th and 8th before falling apart in the final round on Sunday, where Spanish pro Jon Rahm took command of the tournament and won his first green jacket by four strokes over second place finishers Koepka and Phil Mickelson.

There were a ton of storylines to follow throughout the tournament. From bad weather causing delays to watching a hobbled Tiger Woods try to stay competitive... or even a massive tree falling down on the course nearly taking out large groups of spectators and more, the 2023 Masters did not disappoint.

For the record, the tree didn't injure anyone, but you can see how terrifying it was as it was captured during coverage!

And then, during the final round on Sunday, as eventual champ Rahm was on the 16th tee trying to close out victory, the tv coverage gave the internet "Masters Girl" standing behind him.


She, of course, quickly went viral for having no actual contribution to the tv coverage other than an electric smile.

Even coverage of the coverage went viral as a TikTok video featuring a clip of her was viewed more than four million times in pretty short order. The internet came alive immediately trying to figure out who she was and it didn't take long for her to raise her hand and come forward with a simple TikTok video of her own.

Her name is Aaliyah Kikumoto. She is a Texas Tech cheerleader and dancer, in addition to being a professional golf lover apparently - evidenced by her 'Masters 2023' hat she wore on tv. She did play golf in high school as well, it turns out.

And though she's a Texas Tech cheerleader these days, guess what? She's a Highlands Ranch native. She graduated from Littleton's Rock Canyon High School.

And now... she's also become a model, thanks to her 15 seconds of 'Masters coverage' fame.

Way to go, Aaliyah. Make the most of your big moment!

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